Tuesday, 14 November 2017

WALT: write a moment in time using your imagination

Notice me
I promise it’s not what it looks like, I did not jump into Ron’s food just to get him to notice me. Ron (my owner) picked me up with 2 chopsticks, trying to eats the delicious noodles that Mrs Weasley made. Now he’s just sitting there waiting to stuff his face while George and Fred announced their latest prank, “and we painted his house red” Fred finished. “Blimey Scabbers, what are you doing?” Ron yelled. I swear he eats WAY too much!

The Epic Dab
I promise it’s not what it looks like, my wing just flew up, I did not fail trying to dab. NOT POSSIBLE! “Hedwig, what was that?” Harry asked, desperately trying to wipe the grin off his face. I shrugged. He chuckled while his jet black hair got more messier then before. “Can’t you be neat for a day, at least?” Harry muttered to himself.

Monday, 13 November 2017

WALT Describe a moment in time

  • Present tense
  • Describe what you think, see and feel
  • First person - I, we, my,
  • Descriptive language - adjectives, verbs, similes,
  • Range of sentence starters

Holding my breath, I glance around at all the people around me, who are taking pictures, my body starts to tremble as the excitement overloads me. The reporters are getting their equipment ready so they can start filming as soon as the big diamond comes out from the dark red curtains which is covering the backstage. There are thousands of people here, in fancy dresses and suits hoping to impress one of the presenters to get a better look at the massive jewel pure from the Earth. I am amongst them, standing in the front row, I hear some noises. The sound of clashing is filled through the hall, someone without a ticket is trying to break in. I brush my hair away from my eyes as the curtains slowly open, revealing a diamond and a few scientists standing beside it. A scientist hands a mike over to one of his companions and the speakers are turned on. “It is my great honor to present, this diamond found it the best part of this world, this city, of course, pure from the Earth and it has a shine that no other diamond has. Next week, it will be moved to the town museum so you can get a closer look” A set of ‘Ohhs’ and ‘Ahhs’ repeated itself. I felt a tug and decided that this was the best time to leave. I quietly strolled off.


Why is the Sky Blue?
Have you ever asked someone why the sky is blue? If you did, you probably got a tale created in the head or a simple ‘I don’t know’. Not a lot people got a logical explanation, trust me I didn’t. So why is the sky blue? This explanation is going to give you the scientific explanation for why the sky appears to be blue.

The first thing you need to know is that light is not made out of only one colour. While the light from the sun looks white, the light is made up from all of the colours from the rainbow. Like sound, light energy travels in waves. Some waves are short, some are long. Blue waves are shorter than red.

The sun’s light travels down to Earth in straight lines unless the light, is blocked by something that reflects, bends or scatters it. On its way to Earth, the sun’s light passes through the atmosphere. The atmosphere is created by billions of little oxygen and nitrogen molecules that are in the sky. As the light from the sun shines into the atmosphere, most colours will reach Earth’s surface uninterrupted.

However, the blue light is scattered in all of the directions by the tiny molecules of air in Earth’s atmosphere and is scattered the most, as it moves in shorter and smaller wave while the other colours move in long and big waves. The blue light bounces around the atmosphere so everywhere you look the sky will appear to be blue. Other colours of the rainbow also bounce off the molecules but the blue light is scattered the strongest.

Overall, the sky is blue because, the blue light has scattered in the atmosphere filling the air with blue. When the light gets closer to the horizon, the sky fades to a lighter blue or white because when the light reaches Earth, it has scattered many times in many directions. But how does a sunset work? Red sunsets happen when the sun is lower in the sky so the light travels further, and because the blue light has already scattered, the red and yellow lights are more visible.


The teacher gave us some facts about why the sky is blue and we had to use them to write an explanation.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Desert Disturbed

We learnt about deserts, and because they are usually really hot, we had to create a pic collage about what would happen if it rained a lot.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

On the Shore

Purpose: to describe Audience: Peers/blog buddies
WALT use a range of descriptive vocabulary

Waves washed over the sand, as the shells escaped from the water. The wind blew all the plants into different directions. A huge rock was sitting, right in the middle of the water and the sand. The grass was wild, swaying in the breeze. Small rocks clung onto the cliff. The water was turquoise, looking like no dirt had ever lived in it.

The rich air blew on my face as I slowly stepped onto the soft sand. My feet instantly got hot. Rapidly, the waves made noises, possibly to invite me in. I slowly make my way into the water, the shells pricked my feet giving me a good crunchy feeling. The sight of the beach gave me a strong desire to never go back home.
         Good Job Pearl!
I liked the way you said “Waves washed over the sand, as the shells escaped from the water. - Samarah

Well done Pearl!
I liked the way you described all the things in the picture. - Sameera

Great Writing Pearl
I liked the way you chose the words crunchy and rapidly to describe what you are feeling. - Tanishka

Te Reo

For Te Reo, we had to create a eye catching poster, that people will want to read about the weather in Maori.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Save the Dolphins!

For Reading, my group read about dolphins and we had to create a poster about them.